Here's what you are up against as a business owner trying to get the word out...

Every day the average person gets flyers and sales letters in the mail. They browse web pages and read emails. They see signs and posters on buildings and in shop windows. They hear commercials on the radio and watch them on television. They see ads when they do a search on the web. And more ads when they log in to their favourite social sites.

The competition is fierce and most don't stand out or hold my attention for long. Many of them leave me scratching my head and wondering, "What were they thinking spending money on that?"

Businesses don't want a "so what" reaction when people see their marketing efforts. And neither should you. Yet ineffective promotions keep on piling up in my mailbox, email inbox, and blocking the view when I'm driving on the freeway.

Are you happy with the results you get from the emails, letters, web pages, brochures, online ad, print ads, flyers, or signage you use in your business?

If you're not getting the results you hoped for you may be missing a key ingredient of successful selling...clearly written sales copy. A carefully targeted written message is still the fastest, simplest, and most direct way to communicate the core ideas of your products and services to customers and prospects.

I write sales copy using techniques that built multi-million dollar companies. These methods are tested and proven. They get people to stop, look at, and read your promotion in their mail, email inbox, on the Web, in your physical location, on the street, or at a tradeshow.

Here's just one of many techniques (perhaps THE most basic, but often forgotten)...

Use direct, conversational, simple-to-read copy. Sounds simple right? You don't want the wrong words to confuse or interfere with your message when people read your promotions. English essays just don't work when your money is on the line.

Once your eye-catching headline (you do use headlines, right?) grabs the attention of your prospect or customer, the next step is to get them to read your message. Then you can tell them what you do, why it matters, and what's in it for them.

And finally, most importantly, make them an offer that gives them good reason to respond and interact with your business in a way you can track, measure, and use to follow up.

Once your foot is in the door with people who are interested in what you're selling, you can start building trust and a relationship that leads to a sale now or later. When you interact with people through your marketing you can figure out the return on investment for promotions. Measure and track results and you will know what works...and where and how to spend again to promote your business in a way that makes sense financially and strategically.

I write copy aimed at your ideal customers.

I'll help you explain the value of what you offer and entice people to read about it. Once they're reading, I'll start persuading using a balance of emotion and logic.

To appeal to emotion, tell how people use your product or service through customer testimonials and success stories. To appeal to logic, provide proof with clear features and benefits.

Effective sales copy does both, in a balance that suits your business and market. Of course, getting that balance in writing isn't simple. But people are people. Time and a years of testing by successful businesses have proven how most people act on emotion first when they see a promotion then either ignore it or start down the path toward buying.

Need help figuring out what matters most to your customers and prospects and how to get the emotional reaction that drives your sales?

Chances are you know what it is. But maybe you haven't been using it to your best advantage. I'll help you nail it down. Then I'll write copy to present your key sales points aimed directly at people's burning desires, pain points, and hot lead them toward the action you want them to take.

Your desired action could be any of getting the door, to book an appointment or consultation, onto an email or mailing list, to redeem a coupon, to download a report, receive a free trial...or to make a sale right now.

How you use copy depends on the format of your marketing piece.

You have many options depending on your target audience, budget, deadline, intent, medium, and delivery method. For printed materials, the size, design, and budget of the piece set the limits. We can discuss the best away to achieve the results you want.

On the Internet, the limit isn't space as much as the time your audience has to read what you have to say. But remember, even in this time of short attention spans, longer text-heavy web pages still pull in sales...if what you put on the screen speaks directly to the wants and desires of the most profitable customers for your business.

Email tends to work better in smaller chunks. If you have a lot to say or sell, you can break an email into a series delivered over a pre-determined schedule.

Again, people are people...the delivery medium may change...but you still connect with readers by appealing to their emotions to draw them in then by backing up the promise you make with evidence in the form of stories and testimonials.

Here are three ways I can help you increase your sales.

A business may have limited time and staff skill to write effective sales copy. I work with you to write copy that gets your message read and understood by the prospects you want to reach and the customers you already have.

A business may have people who can write sales and promotional copy. But they can benefit from fresh eyes looking for ways to make promotions stronger.

I'm also available to deliver customized presentations to groups and coaching sessions to staff on proven sales writing techniques.

Whether I write the copy, review your copy, or work with you and your staff, I'll use proven sales copy techniques to help you get the best possible results in your current and future marketing projects.

Call or email me today and lets discuss how proven sales writing tactics will help you achieve your business goals. Email or phone 604-730-8478.

Kris Obertas, Copywriter.